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A student of RosNOU receives the “Nobel Scholarship of the INIC”


On July 26, 2019, the International Nobel Information Center (INIC) announced the results of competitions held at Tambov State Technical University, Russian New University (RosNOU) and Michurinsk State Agrarian University. In each of the three universities, one winner student was identified, who was awarded the “Nobel Scholarship of the International Nobel Information Center”.

Nikita Mizin, RosNOU student of the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy, became a Nobel Scholarship holder.

“The scholarship was given to me for my scientific work,” Nikita said. – “I took the second place in the university competition of scientific research works of students "Scientific Approach". In addition, I have a number of publications. The publications describe diagnostic methods based on the study of psychological and physiological reactions. I am glad that I received a scholarship. This is a recognition of the significance of the activity that not only I have devoted time, but also all the employees of our psychological laboratory, to whom I express special thanks. I am going to buy six volumes of Vygotsky’s works for the scholarship’s money. New experiments lie ahead and many of RosNOU students will take part in it. In particular, we plan to study the possibilities of using IT trackers and the Cardiocode created at RosNOU for cognitive-behavioral therapy."

* The International Nobel Information Center (INIC) was founded in 1989. The center is engaged in research in the field of Nobelistics and the development of the international Nobel movement. The headquarters of the IINC is located in Tambov.