Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Famous people about RosNOU

Vladimir PutinPresident of Russian Federation Putin V.:

RosNOU was founded by the leading Russian scientists. And nowadays the basis of University’s achievements stems from the commitment of highly professional faculty members, strong educational and methodological framework, and the aspiration to implement the most advanced scientific achievements and contemporary education technologies.

Medvedev DVPrime Minister of Russian Federation Medvedev D.:

Russian New University is one of the leading non-governmental universities in the country. Graduates of the University become experts in humanitarian and social sciences, as well as in physics and mathematics. Moreover, in RosNou the combination of classic education and innovative methods (including distance learning) is successfully applied on practice.

Fursenko AEducation and Science ex-Minister of Russian Federation Fursenko A.:

RosNou- is that kind of university that follows the spirit of the times. It prepares specialists who will be in-demand through their whole life.

Kapitsa SRussian physicist and demographer Kapitsa S.:

RosNou has successfully adopted the educational system invented in Physical-Technical Institute, which attracts proactive working people. They can give you knowledge that is highly effective and is not easily forgotten. With such intensions people come to Russian New University.     

Fortov VPresident of the Russian Academy of Sciences Fortov V.:

Are non-governmental universities able to provide students with the same effective education that is provided in leading governmental universities? Yes they are, RosNou for instance.