Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Institutes and Majors


  • Information Systems and Computer Engineering Technologies
  • Humanities
  • Psychology and Pedagogics
  • Business-Technologies
  • Finance, Management, and Economics
  • Law
  • Tax

Foundation Studies Department for Foreign Nationals

The Department provides international students with a firm base of Russian as a foreign language, History, Literature, Regional Geography, Mathematics, Computer Technology, General Economics, and other major subjects depending on the individual student's academic inclinations and interests.

List of Majors for the Bachelor Degree

List of Majors for the Master's Degree

List of specialities for the Specialist Degree

  • Customs Management
  • Pedagogy and Psychology of Deviant Behavior
  • Interpretation and Translation

List of specialities for the Doctoral Programs

  • Technical Sciences
  • Economic Sciences
  • Philosophical Sciences
  • Philological Sciences
  • Jurisprudence
  • Pedagogical Sciences
  • Culturology
  • Psychological Sciences

Contact information

Office of International Affairs & Academic Mobility Directorate:

Tel. +7 (495) 223-48-45