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Foundation Studies Department

Foundation Studies Department

Russian New University (RosNOU) is one of the leading higher educational institutions of Russia with respect to the education of foreign nationals.

Pre-university training of foreign students plays an important role in the educational process. The major goal of the Department is to provide students with a firm base of Russian language skills and a clearer idea of where they want to go next in their studies, whether at RosNOU or another university or college.

The Foundation Studies Department for Foreign Nationals was established at Russian New University in 2003. Since then about 1000 foreign students from approximately 30 countries have graduated from RosNOU under the Department. Students from Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Morocco, Nepal, Poland, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam have studied at RosNOU.

Among the factors that prompt young people from around the world to choose the Foundation Studies Department at RosNOU are:

  • the high quality of education;
  • the reasonable tuition policy;
  • a warm and friendly social climate;
  • the well-developed infrastructure of the university;
  • the interesting and eventful student life in Moscow.


Professors and tutors at the Foundation Studies Department have many years' experience of working with foreign nationals from the initial stage of language acquisition.  Their knowledge of foreign languages helps to establish rapport with international students from the very first days of their stay in Russia. Cutting-edge grammar and vocabulary textbooks supported by modern educational methods make the work of the teaching staff even more effective.


Study Course

At the Foundation Studies Department students study not only the Russian language but also other subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, economics, geography etc. The Russian language is the core unit of the one-year preparatory program. The other subjects offered differ, according to the student's chosen field of study. Particular attention is paid to the scientific style of speech.

Fields of Study



Russian, Mathematics, Physics, Computer science, Computer Graphics, Country Studies


Russian, Mathematics, Basic Science, Basic Economics, Economic Geography, Regional Geography, Country Studies

Medical &


Russian, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Country Studies


Russian, Literature, Geography, Cultural Studies, English Language, Country Studies


RosNOU currently implements innovative curricula of pre-university training aimed at maximum course variations and maximum use of the university’s educational resources. Classes may be organized both in groups and individually. It is possible to combine several programs at the same time. The following programs are available for international students:

1. Classical academic program (10 months – 37 weeks, up to 1100 academic hours)

2. Individual program (Individual lessons. Number of hours and Duration of training are not limited)

3. Weekend and Evening Courses for those who live and work in Moscow (10-15 months, 8 hours per week)

4. Intensive courses (1-3 months, 140-420 academic hours, classes in groups of 4-6 students)

5. Summer Schools (2-8 weeks, 16-20 hours per week)

Upon completion of the examination session and graduation from the Foundation Studies Faculty, students receive a Certificate from RosNOU. They may continue their studies at one of the RosNOU departments, RosNOU Colleges, or any other Russian educational institution.

Russian Language Test

The Foundation Studies Department provides foreign migrants (not necessarily RosNOU students) with an opportunity to take the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) as well as the State Test of Russian for obtaining citizenship to the Russian Federation and the Russian Language Test for migrant workers. 

Those who pass the tests receive the State Certificate authenticating their knowledge of the Russian language. The Foundation Studies Department conducts this activity in accordance with the Agreement on Cooperation between RosNOU and Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

Summer Schools

Every year, from July to August, RosNOU organizes summer school classes. When creating both the educational and the cultural programs, the staff at RosNOU takes into account the students’ levels of knowledge of the Russian language. In years past, students of summer school classes at RosNOU included citizens of Germany and Poland.

Extracurricular Activities

The teaching staff of the Department puts emphasis on extracurricular activities such as sightseeing tours around Moscow and the Moscow area, visits to museums and theaters, sports events, various competitions, etc.  Students' participation in joint study and extracurricular activities, together with healthy interaction between foreign students and Russian students, promote establishing friendly relations and facilitate both psychological and cultural reconciliation of international students. 

RosNOU graduates studying at other universities are always welcome at RosNOU. The staff and faculty of the university will never withhold advice from or fail to offer a helping hand to RosNOU students, whether they are currently enrolled or not.


Additional information for foreign applicants

  • The Foundation Studies Department has its own spacious and comfortable classrooms, library with modern textbooks and reference books (more than 3,000 items), and classrooms equipped with computers.
  • The residence hall is located in the same building as the classrooms.
  • There are security guards at the entrance to the building at all times. Conjointly, RosNOU has an ID card system to ensure safety.
  • All students of the Foundation Studies Department are provided with visa and migrant registration support as well as assistance with obtaining medical insurance. You can find more information on visa support and migrant registration on RosNOU's website:


The cost of education

Visit the main website for the cost of education

If you have any questions concerning education or enrollment at RosNOU or the Russian language test, please do not hesitate to contact the International Affairs & Academic Mobility Directorate:

Tel. +7 495 223 4845; +7 495 727 3536


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