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Visit Moscow


Being so alive and absolutely iconic, Moscow is a modern city that managed to preserve its rich historical heritage and fine atmosphere. It is in Moscow where the traveler could feel the clash between the testaments of the Soviet past and the new capitalist opportunities.

Nowadays, the city of Moscow is going through a strong revival of its old traditions, many cathedrals are restored, theaters are re-opening and traditional markets are becoming popular again. The city returns to its heritage, but also opens to the endless new options for growth and prosperity, boldly declaring its status as a capital and main city in Russia.

The People of Moscow

As a financial, scientific and political center, Moscow is the largest city in Russia and in Europe with almost 12 million citizens. The local people may seem to be uncompanionable at first, but once they get to know you they are hearty and communicative people with good manners and modern understanding of the world, and they are open to the new ways of life.

Lifestyle in Moscow

Moscow is sometimes named “The Third Rome”, “The First Throne”, “The Whitestone One” and the “The Forty Forties” – phrases that catch its 860 years of history and the significant role the city played in formation of the state.

In the years that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moscow enjoyed improvement of its economy, increase of the foreign investments, new construction projects and overall prosperity.

Modern and very busy, it seems that the metropolis does not sleep as everyone wants to jump to the next opportunity. The lifestyle of the city is a sweet mixture of old and new, offering what would one expect from the traditional Russian culture, alongside with various modern attractions like open-air concerts and theatrical performances, enormous shopping malls and busy night clubs.


Things to Do in Moscow

Whether you wish to see the Kremlin Complex, to take photos of the Red Square, to eat hot rassolnik soup or to dance all night at a live music dance club while drinking vodka shots, the city of Moscow can offer you all of that.

The Kremlin Complex

This site is a must-see place for many reasons, visiting the Armoury Diamond collection being one of them. The Kremlin complex further has many beautiful churches and vast gardens, different exhibitions, etc. If possible, go on a guided tour to get the most of your visit.

The Red Square

Placed at the very center of Moscow, the Red Square is a symbol of the city. It is characterized by long brick walls and black cobbled stones and is surrounded by the Mausoleum of Lenin, the History Museum and the Cathedral of St. Basil. The Mausoleum is closed on Mondays and on Fridays and the entrance is free.

Boshoi Theatre

Once in Moscow, buy a ticket for a theatrical performance in Bolshoi Theater. It would be worth every ruble.

Old Arbat Street

Old Arbat Street presents the old spirit of Moscow with its souvenir shops, artists, cafes and restaurants. If possible, avoid the tourist traps and do not pay for the ridiculously overpriced souvenirs. Cheaper souvenirs including matryoshka dolls, as well as fur hats are available at Izmaylovskiy Market.


Pushkin Museum

This interesting museum exhibits work of art from the Western countries and hosts some of the best collections of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist era artists.

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