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Astmilcorp Co. Ltd (Japan) Director General visits RosNOU


On November 1, 2019, the Russian New University (RosNOU) was visited by the Director-General of the Japanese company Astmilcorp Co. Ltd Yukihiko Takeda.

Astmilcorp Co. Ltd organizes internships for jobseekers in Japanese cities. Yukihiko Takeda spoke about the requirements for candidates for employment and the specifics of work in Japanese companies:

“We help students find jobs in companies with which Astmilcorp Co. Ltd is collaborating. These are consulting firms, research centers, IT companies. Students who can speak Japanese at a conversational level can be trained there. Those who begin to study Japanese will be able to work in the field of tourism and hotel business. If the student knows only English, then he/she will be employed in the most initial positions.

Registration for the program takes from three to four months, so students need to submit documents in advance. Work experience is optional. The cost of registration for the program is about 30,000 rubles, you can earn from 10 to 30 thousand dollars. The internship period is three months. You will receive international experience and will be able to return to Japan with a work visa in the future. If you are interested in business, then, having gained experience in a Japanese company, you can establish your own business in Japan. The state supports such initiatives.

The Japanese are very punctual people. If you schedule a meeting at 10:00, then know that at 9:55 the Japanese will already be there. It is also very important for the Japanese that the employee earns the trust of his supervisor. Therefore, you need to carry out your work in a high-quality and conscientious manner, to be a reliable and responsible person.”

“We invited Mr. Takeda to show students what opportunities they have,” – said George Gabrielian, Head of the International Affairs & Academic Mobility Directorate of RosNOU. “There is a very good relationship between the governments of Japan and Russia, and the Japanese economy needs young personnel. Students are offered good and comfortable working conditions. For them, this is a golden chance to go to Japan, learn the culture of the country, make money, improve the language level, develop useful contacts and in the future get a good and paid job.”