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Center of Pacific Rim Countries Opens in RosNOU


On February 1, 2019, the Center of Pacific Rim Countries was opened on the basis of the International Affairs & Academic Mobility Directorate. The activities of the Center are primarily aimed at organizing cooperation with universities and research institutions of the Pacific Rim countries, as well as the development of academic mobility programs for students.

The Center develops and organizes joint research, educational and training programs with partner universities, holds and participates in scientific conferences. The Center of Pacific Rim Countries engages foreign students to working practices and training internships in leading Russian companies.

The Center is engaged in the popularization of languages and cultures of the Pacific Rim countries. As part of this activity, it is planned to set up foreign language courses such as Chinese and Japanese as programs of additional education. Among the activities of the Center is the organization of various cultural events.

On February 12, RosNOU will host the first lecture from the educational cycle dedicated to the culture of Japan. The curator, orientalist-specialist on Japan, Tatiana Naumova, will give a lecture on “The Mysteries of the Japanese Mentality”.