Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Chinese Dream


Group of prizewinners of Chinese National Orators Contest "Chinese Dream" have visitied Russian New University (RosNOU) on the 6th of May 2016. 

Chinese guests demonstrated their talents in front of students and teachers of Humanitarian Faculty including the dean and vice dean of the faculty.

4th year student majoring in linguistics shares her impressions:

— The whole event was held on chinese and was dedicated to describing "Chinese Dream". Recently, the phrase "chinese dream" became an integral part of life in China and it is largely understood as political policy of PRC. Chinese delegation shared interesting thoughts with audience on what this dream means for chinese people. It was clear that delegation members put their hearts into their speeches: somebody referred to history, somebody was remembering their childhood. A lot has been said as well as about freindship between China and Russia, about the necessity for future development of good neighbourly relations. Also, chinese guests amazed audience with singing, traditional costumes and a lot of presents.    

RosNOU students gained a possibility not only to learn more about chinese culture and politics, but also to train their language skills. Chinese guests also enjoyed their time at RosNOU: they recieved cordial welcome and positive feedback, the audience was greatful and they managed to take a lot of memorial pictures.

After all it is possible to say that those who have visited RosNOU on that day will be willing to come back again.