Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Day of enamored with science held in RosNOU


On February 14, 2020, the Day of Enamored with Science was held at the Russian New University (RosNOU). This holiday, created in RosNOU, combines the International Valentine’s Day and the birthday of Sergei P. Kapitsa, a physicist, popularizer of science and scientific adviser of RosNOU until 2012.

The holiday was organized by the Student Scientific Society (SSS) of RosNOU with the support of the Department of Information Management, the Department of Youth Affairs, the Department for the Development of Scientific and Innovative Activities and the Student Council of RosNOU.

SSS held an action "Atomic Valentines' Cards": each participant received half of the Valentines' card with a scientific formula on it and had to find a person with the second half of the formula. The Student Council organized the “Singing Valentines” campaign, the participants of which had to continue a quote from a love song, some of which was written on their Valentine's card. SSS Chairman Vadim Malyukov made a presentation of SSS clubs.

The popular science part of the Day of Enamored with Science was held in the Malachite Hall. Anna Garnastaeva, a student at the Institute of Business Technologies, and Elena Zhiludko, deputy chairman of the SSS of RosNOU, spoke about the life and discoveries of Sergei Kapitsa.

Then a scientific battle took place, in which two pairs of participants competed. The first pair was made by Ildar Nekrasov (Institute of Humanitarian Technologies of RosNOU) with the theme "Limitations of Being" and Anastasia Sanaeva (Institute of Humanitarian Technologies of RosNOU) with the theme "Contemporary Poetics: Goals and Objectives". Anastasia won. The second pair consisted of Vadim Malyukov (Institute of Business Technologies of RosNOU, chairman of SSS of RosNOU) with the topic “Brain Performance: Simulation Hypothesis” and Julia Gudakova (captain of the “Black SSS” team, MEPhI) with the topic “Pile of Garbage or Alternative Fuel?”. Vadim defeated. Among the jury of the battle were representatives of the Grand Final teams, associate professor of the Department of Philosophy of RosNOU Svetlana Vorobyova and Vice-Rector of RosNOU for scientific work Evgeny Palkin.

Andrei Martynov, an engineer at the High Energy Physics Laboratory at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna), spoke about the work and application of the Nuclotron ring, the operation of nuclear reactors and the associated risks, charged particle accelerators, new discoveries in physics and the prospects for the development of technologies in this area.

The popular science part of the event ended with the announcement of a competition for the best name for a new apple variety – RosNOU got the opportunity to name it in honor of Sergei P. Kapitsa. The winner of the competition will receive a kilogram of new apple variety and a certificate confirming that he/she is the author of the name.

Variants of names are accepted in the VK group of SSS of RosNOU.

The main event of the Day of Enamored with Science was the Grand Final of the RosNOU Intellectual Triathlon. 11 teams selected in previous tournaments took part in this event: the three best teams of the School League Super Final and the four best teams of the University League and the RosNOU Championship.

Rector of the New Russian University Vladimir A. Zernov addressed the participants:

“I envy you kindly. I look at you and remember how, as a student, I rooted for my team in competitions. These are very bright and good emotions. And today you, as well as all your friends and relatives who are rooting for you, are experiencing these emotions. I talked about these intellectual games with our famous physicist Vladimir Fortov. He asked me to convey that he also envies you a little and wants you to remember these days and minutes of the work of intelligence as long as possible. And I wish you all to win, if not in this game, then in others.”

The deputy head of the Department of Information Management was the moderator of the rounds.

The game was held by the chairman of the organizing committee of the Intellectual Triathlon, Elena Boykova and the chief editor and architect of the games Igor Mytko. The game consisted of four rounds: "What? Where? When?", "Minus One", "Fantastic Seven", "Intelligence Reality". In the first round, the teams answered questions from the hosts, earning points. In the second round, for each correct answer, the team delegated one player to the third round. The third round each team started in a limited number, and for each correct answer, the player was added to the team. The tournament finished with the fourth round – a duel for the first and second place between the two best teams of the third round.


1st place – Reasoners (RosNOU, Moscow)

2nd place – Cac-tus (School No. 1257, Moscow)

3rd place – YourFaqPowerGang (Law Institute of RosNOU, Moscow)

4th place – Legends (RosNOU College, Moscow)

5th place – Not the Limit (Institute of Business Technologies of RosNOU, Moscow)

6th place – And it is written on Wikipedia … (School No. 509, St. Petersburg)

7th place – Black SNO (MEPhI, Moscow)

8th place – Ellips  (Lyceum of the city of Uvarovo named after A. I. Danilov, Uvarovo)

9th place – Assets (Institute of Economics, Management and Finance, RosNOU, Moscow)

10th place – Signs of Dementia (Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy of RosNOU, Moscow)

11th place – Wanderers of Science (Tambov branch of RosNOU, Tambov)

The Champion of the Grand Final is the Reasoners team (RosNOU), the winner of the 2019 RosNOU Championship in Intellectual Games among educational units is the YourFaqPowerGang team (Law Institute).

By order of the rector of the Russian New University, students of RosNOU – participants of the best team of the Big Finals ("Reasoners") will receive an increased scholarship.