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«Digital Economy» — a New Profile of the «Economics» Field of Study


In 2019, two institutes of the Russian New University (RosNOU) launched new educational profiles in the digital economy field of study.

Bachelors’ Degree Program: 38.03.01 "Economics"


Institute of Economics, Management and Finance

Educational Profile "Digital Economy in Financial and Management Technologies"

The goal of the program is to create the economic system of the digital economy of the Russian Federation. In digital economy data in digital form is a key factor of production in all spheres of social and economic activities. It is based on Internet technologies, the development of which has changed the character, scale and competition in the financial services market. The study of digital technologies will allow the graduate to actively participate in the development of innovative forms of financial and cash management, such as electronic interaction in the financial market, electronic banking services, including work in the money, credit and foreign exchange markets, the use of digital technologies in the insurance market.

The advantage of the program is the study of modern methods of financial management, obtaining knowledge in the field of innovative Internet technologies, which will allow the graduate to use and propose new solutions based on the use of promising digital technologies for the development of financial services and monetary relations.


Tax Institute

Educational Profile “Digital Economy”

“Digital economy” is aimed at training highly qualified specialists who are capable of solving global problems and orient themselves in the digitalization processes of the country's economy. The program provides a sufficient level of specialist training for the effective management of IT projects and solving the problems of the digital sector of the economy as a whole.

Students study current and promising disciplines and trends that meet the requirements and challenges of our time, paying particular attention to skills in the digital environment.

The objects of the professional activity of graduates who have mastered the undergraduate program are information and telecommunication technologies of the socio-economic sphere, business processes, functioning markets, financial flows and information systems. The field of graduates' professional activity includes processes of strategic planning, integration and development of information and communication technologies, creation and maintenance of e-business in the economic and analytical services of organizations of various industries, spheres and forms of ownership.