Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Experts of Russian multinational corporation Yandex teach RosNOU students


In February 2020, classes conducted by Yandex experts started at the Institute of Business Technologies of the Russian New University (RosNOU).

Yandex is a Russian multinational corporation, the largest technology company in Russia. It specializes in Internet-related products and services carrying out projects on transportation, search and information services, eCommerce, navigation, mobile applications, and online advertising. Yandex is the largest search engine on the Russian internet (its market share is over 52%).

In December 2019, RosNOU and Yandex concluded a Memorandum of Understanding. The memorandum provides the joint holding of conferences, discussions, round tables, the participation of Yandex experts in the development of educational programs of higher and additional professional education, as well as training materials for relevant programs, joint promotion training programs.

Yandex lectures and seminars are held for students of the Digital Communication Master's program in the Advertising and Public Relations training area.

“We are very pleased that our students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience directly from the specialists of such a large and advanced company,” – said Elena Chilingir, head of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at RosNOU. “It is especially pleasant that students will be able to take internships, production and undergraduate internships at Yandex – this will certainly have a positive effect on the level of future specialists in the field of digital communication.”