Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Finals of the Innopolis Open Olympiad in Information Security at RosNOU


On February 22-23, 2020, the final stage of the Innopolis Olympiad in Information Security was held in the Russian New University (RosNOU), as well as on four other venues. 234 students of the ages from 13 to 18 from Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Hungary, Serbia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Ukraine participated in the academic competition. Along with them, 11 participants from Hong Kong (China) were involved in the finals in absentia due to circumstances of force majeure.

On the site of RosNOU, 60 students from Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Archangelsk, Khabarovsk, Korolev, Saratov, Kolomna, Lipetsk, Cheboksary, Smolensk, Tyumen, Ivanovo, Almaty, Taganrog, Brest, Saransk and Krasnodar took part on the Innopolis Open Olympiad.

The absolute result – 500 points out of 500 – was shown by three participants, including Alexander Shekhovtsov from Moscow, who participated in the final stage of the Olympiad at the RosNOU site.

Innopolis Open Olympiad in Information Security is included in the list of school competitions that provide benefits for admission to universities.