Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

«I like the Idea of Teaching Subjects in English»

Handsome Hispanic Student Uses Laptop while Listening to a Lecture at the University, He Raises Hand and Asks Lecturer a Question. Multi Ethnic Group of Modern Bright Students.

On November 6 and 7, 2019, two lectures in English were held at the Russian New University. Lectures were delivered to students of the Institute of Economics, Management and Finance of RosNOU studying in the field of Economics.

Andrey A. Chudin, financial director of HTBS Ltd (Hi-Tech Business Solution), held a financial management lesson for undergraduate students, and state and corporate finance for master's degree students.

Students shared their impressions of the classes.

Maria Sukhanova:

“The lecture on financial management was very interesting. Andrey Chudin started the lesson with the game, which involved all the students in the process. According to the game rules, the participant had to explain to the others the word indicated on the card, without naming it. It was possible to describe the situation associated with this subject, select synonyms – and to do it in English.

Then Andrei Chudin explained the topic of the components of financial management. Also, he described what you need to know in order to fully understand this area. We also touched on accounting, reporting, banking, the mechanism of money in the market.

My level of language proficiency was enough to understand the lecture. If we did not understand what was going on, then the teacher explained this term by choosing synonyms in English. He never in the entire lecture switched to Russian.”

Maxim Evdokimov:

“This was my first lecture entirely in English, without any retreat into Russian. I liked it. I would like to visit such an activity again. About five times I fell behind in vocabulary – did not know any words, now I know them. We learned a lot of new terms in English from the economic sphere, used vocabulary that goes beyond financial management.”

Evgeniy Manaenkov:

“The teacher is deeply and well versed in his topic and speaks fluent English, I really liked it. It’s great that the lecture began with the game, it allowed students to relax. In the second part of the lecture, we began to go through financial management; there were difficult terms for me personally. Economic vocabulary is generally complex. But the teacher was very good at explaining all of these to us.”

Also, a first-year student of the master's program Alexandra Stepanova shared her impressions:

“I like the idea of ​​teaching subjects in English, it is very necessary for modern students. The teacher explained the material well, gave examples from life situations. He told it so excitingly and with humor that everything immediately became clear. Andrei A. Chudin managed to be on the same wavelength as the students. Throughout the lecture, the teacher interacted with students, asked questions; this made the lesson even more interesting.

It was a very interesting experience, and I would like to repeat it. To understand the lecture, a level of language proficiency even below level B1 is sufficient. I found it difficult to speak English and ask questions, but I understood everything that was expressed.

It is very useful for students to immerse themselves in the English-speaking environment, practice interaction in English with other people. Constant conversational practice should help to increase the level of language proficiency. Also, when it relates to your professional sphere, this experience gives you a competitive advantage when applying for a job.”