Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

«Japan welcomes Russian students»


On September 9, 2019, a presentation of Japanese schools was held at the Russian New University (RosNOU). The meeting was organized by the International Affairs & Academic Mobility Department of RosNOU together with Gaku.Ru.

The presentation was attended by students of the Institute of Humanitarian Technologies, studying Japanese. The recruitment into the Japanese language group started for the first time in 2019.

At the beginning of the presentation, a teacher at the Japanese school UJS Language Institute taught students to introduce themselves in Japanese and explained the meaning of different types of nods. Then all participants of the meeting greeted each other and took turns talking about themselves.

“The most important thing is to find what you want to do in life,” -said Elena Ivanova, Director of Gaku.Ru. “Our company can help you with this. We select language schools for Russian students and then help our clients to get a job. In Japan, Russian students are welcome; you only need to understand exactly where you would like to work. But you need to remember that you can go to Japan with a level of language proficiency of at least N4.”


Extracts from the speeches of representatives of Japanese schools:

UJS Language Institute: The school was founded in 1986. Now there are studying 320 students from 44 countries. The school offers long-term (1 year) and short-term (1-3 months) language programs. Extracurricular activities are organized for students with a trip to Tokyo and communication with native speakers.

OHARA Japanese Language School: The school prepares students for admission to elite universities in Japan, which place high demands on the level of the language. We often invite local residents, arrange cultural holidays for students.

System Toyo Gaigo Japanese Language School: The school offers, in addition to language learning, a choice of specialties related to design, photography or video production. By studying the language, you can simultaneously master the area that is interesting to you, and further study in this direction at the university.


Freshmen from RosNOU watched a video about Japan, in which students from Russia told how they came to Japan to learn Japanese, and why they stayed there to live and work.

All students who attended the meeting expressed their desire to enter a language school in the future and practice at Japanese companies.