Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Japanese Language Schools Present their Programs in RosNOU


On February 18, 2019, a meeting of representatives of Japanese language schools with students took place in RosNOU.

Hisahiro Yoshioka from OHARA Japanese Language School (O-HARA Group) explained the specific aspects of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). He defined that N2 level is sufficient to work in Japan. It is necessary for a student to study in Japan for approximately 1-2 years to obtain a language certificate at this level. 70% of OHARA Japanese Language School graduates raised their level of proficiency to N1, 93% – to N2 and the rest of graduates – to N3 level.

As well as Hisahiro Yoshioka, Harada Chisato from ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School explicated the career prospects for students with the knowledge of the Japanese language. She pointed out the main directions for the development of the career of foreigners with knowledge of the Japanese language, as well as the interest of Japan in outstanding young professionals. Harada Chisato presented business courses of ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School — where the features of resume writing, interviewing, and interaction with customers and partners are explained for students.

Elena Ivanova, Director of Nihon Ryugaku Center (, told RosNOU students about the opportunity to find suitable Japanese language school for each student’s request. Also, she noticed that in Japan colleges could interact with potential employers who offer special tasks for students, which can later be used for hiring as a portfolio.

Tokyo Nitigo Gakuin Japanese Language School was presented by Shunichi Nakazawa. He pointed out the lack of students exchange in Japan. There are about 3 million foreign students in Japan:1 million students are from China, 600 000 – from Vietnam, 200 000 – from Nepal and only 700 students are from Russia.

Nevertheless, RosNOU students have expressed vivid interest in learning Japanese and in the participation in the presented educational programs of Japanese Language Schools.