Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Jiangsu Second Normal University’s Delegation visits RosNOU


On December 17, 2019, the delegation of the Jiangsu Second Pedagogical Institute (JSSNU) paid a friendly visit to RosNOU.

RosNOU and JSSNU have been cooperating since 2018. In the first semester of 2019/2020, 15 JSSNU students came for an exchange internship in Russia; in the second semester of the same academic year, four students of the Humanitarian Technologies Institute of RosNOU will study in JSSNU, as well as take part in the JSSNU annual summer school.

The JSSNU delegation visited the open lesson of the Humanitarian Technologies Institute in which JSSNU students took part, who undergo an internship in Russian.

Marina Antropova, Head of the Linguodidactics and Translation in Digital Educational Space Laboratory of Humanitarian Technologies Institute of RosNOU, spoke about the features of studying at RosNOU through exchange programs with Chinese universities, shared her experience of working with students from the Chinese-speaking region. Marina Antropova worked at partner universities of RosNOU in China for the previous four semesters.

After an open lesson, Vice-Rector of JSSNU Mr. Zhu Xincheng took a poll of JSSNU students, asking each intern student to share his or her study experience in Russia, what daily tasks they face and how seriously they intend to continue their studies in this direction.

“I really like studying at RosNOU, there are very good teachers here. Yes, the Russian language is very difficult, but promising… Moscow is now my favorite city! I want to ask my university to extend my program for another semester.” – JSSNU student Shi Sha Sha (Sasha) shared her impressions.

The JSSNU delegation held talks with the International Affairs & Academic Exchange Directorate of RosNOU and the Center for Asia-Pacific Countries of the RosNOU, and met with the Rector of RosNOU Vladimir Zernov.

It is planned that in the new 2020/2021 academic year, a program of exchange of teachers between partner parties will begin. In the summer of 2020, two summer schools will be held, one in Moscow and one in Nanjing.


From Jiangsu Second Pedagogical University:

Zhu Xingcheng, Vice-Rector

Xu Bojun, Jiangsu Provincial Teacher Training Center Deputy Director

Li Anlin, Director of the Editorial Department, Bulletin of Jiangsu Second Pedagogical University

Wang Xiaoqian, Associate Professor, Institute of Economics, Law and Politics

Zhai Hongyun, Lecturer


From the Chinese Embassy in Moscow:

Mei Hancheng, First Secretary of Education


From RosNOU:

Zernov Vladimir, Rector

Biryukova Anna, Rector's Advisor on International Affairs

Dolgushin Anatoly, Vice-Rector

Gabrielian George, Head of International Affairs & Academic Exchange Directorate

Pecheritsa Natalia, Director of the Center for Asia-Pacific Countries

Antropova Marina, Head of the Laboratory "Linguodidactics and Translation in the Digital Educational Space", Leading Lecturer at the Center for Education of Foreign Citizens