Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Nobel to RosNOU Students: You Are Our Future!


The Knowledge Day was performed on September 01, 2015 in Russian New University. This year the scenario was rich in events as never before, because more and more students choose RosNOU as their Alma Mater.

Many first-year students started their University life with a tour of the University arranged by more experienced students. Besides, every other student was lucky and could participate in the planning of RosNOU future by filling in the questionnaires. Such a participation was minimal but significant.

All the first year students were involved in the general meeting in Malakhite hall (the organizers had to arrange three meetings to welcome all the new students). Vladimir A. Zernov, RosNOU President, and Grigory A. Shabanov, Academic Vice-President, congratulated the first year students. Michael Nobel, the President of Nobel Family Society, Arne Veidung, the establisher of World Medical Card, and Arnold Foote, the President of World Council federation, attended the meeting as special guests.

All events of the Knowledge Day in Russian New University were recorded by the camera crew of Russia Public Service Television.

— One famous philosopher said: “Without any ambition no one can start anything, and without starting the work no one can complete it, – Michael Nobel told the students. – I have three SCR degrees. One degree is in the peace sphere, the other is related to renewable energy, and the next one is in the sphere of the poorly researched philosophy branch. But gradually I become the past. And you are our future!

In addition, some dancing groups such as Trinity Dance and 7Dance (participants of MixDanceRosnou), Yakov Svistunov, the winner of MixVoiceRosnou, Igor Knyazev, a participant of RosNOU drama group, and Oh, come on!?, RosNOU main team of Club of the Funny and Inventive, presented some of their talents for the first year students. RosnouNews, the video version of University news, closed up the general meeting.

During Department meetings, deans and teachers told the first year students about the organization of the academic activity at every particular subdepartment of the university. The students were granted with student membership cards, student record books and e-passes at the end of the department meeting and since then they have become real students officially.

At the very same day, the unscheduled meeting of University Board of Academics was held and according to the decision of Board of Academics, Arne Veidung and Arnold Foote were titled honorary as emeritus professors.

RosNOU Information Management Department thanked the volunteer guides: Maria Matrosova, Andrey Plakhut, Taissiya Sanches-Torres (Humanities Department), Tigran Tigranyan, Olga Vasilyeva and Diana Tsymbal (Finance, Management, and Economics), and volunteers of Law Department who arranged over 20 tours of the University for the first-year students. Besides, there was self-photo session with Michael Nobel)))