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Paris Challenge Champion: “Support warms the heart of any team”


On 28th May, 2017 the football team of Russian New University “Novi Grad – RosNOU” won the international student tournament Paris Challenge 2017 that was held in France. Apart from that, RosNOU student Yegor Udovichenko was called the best tournament player. Yegor told our website editorial team about his first victories and plans for the future.

Yegor, could you tell us about your team?

We wanted to promote futsal in RosNOU and that´s why we built up a team. We began participating in different tournaments and soon we managed to enter the international arena. The first student tournament was held in Serbia last year but we didn’t achieve much success then. But in Italy in November we fought our way to the medal stand and became bronze medalists. And finally we’ve won first place and we are so happy about it. And it’s also such a pleasure to us that by the moment we came to Rome and Paris they had already heard of our team and our university.

FCNoviGrad_RosNPI_PARISWhat does “Novi Grad” mean?

The team used to be based in the city of Podolsk which later became part of New Moscow region, and that’s what gave our team the name “New City” or “Novi Grad” in Serbian. It’s just that we think that the Serbian language is really beautiful.

How many RosNOU students are there in the team?

I myself study in the university at the master programme “Tax management and financial supervision”. Besides, since the foundation of “Novi Grad – RosNOU” a few guys from the team have also entered RosNOU. Now there are five RosNOU students in the team, plus graduates of the Tax Institute, MEPhI and a few other higher educational institutions of Moscow. 

Would you like to see RosNOU students at your games?

Support warms the heart of anyone, especially if we are talking about a team. We take part in a few tournaments and games are held both on work days and weekends. We’ve got a group in the VK social network  where students who are interested in our team and our victories can check out the schedule of our upcoming games.


What are your plans for the future?

It would be interesting to hold exhibition games with students who want to play against us. They would be able to get acquainted with the team and become a part of it. And we would like to hold a tournament among RosNOU students as we are sure that there are students who can play really well but who we haven’t heard of yet. Some of them can definitely make it to “Novi Grad – RosNOU” team. Besides, we are waiting for invitations to international tournaments that are sure to arrive in the near future.

We would like to express our gratitude to the university’s administration for their trust in us. We are happy to have met their expectations. We promise that this victory is not our last one.


Interviewed by Daria Rozhkova