Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

RosNOU and NBU Implement a Joint Training Program


From January 28 to January 31, 2019, the Russian New University (RosNOU) together with the New Bulgarian University (NBU, Sofia, Bulgaria), with the support of the Union of Translators of Russia and the National Society of Applied Linguistics, implemented a short-term program of advanced training for university teachers on the topic “Publishing Articles in English in Scientific Journals of the Web of Science Search Platform: Soft Sciences”.

The program was conducted by its authors:

• Dr. Boris Naymushin, professional translator, linguist and researcher, Head of the English Philology Department at NBU, member of professional translation communities in Russia and Bulgaria, chief editor of English Studies at NBU, member of the European Association of Scientific Journal Editors (EASE) ;

• Dr. Stanislav Bogdanov, Executive Editor of the Journal of English Studies at NBU.

Our seminar is by no means training, it is communication of colleagues, exchange of experience, – said Boris Naimushin. – I want to share the experience of creating a scientific journal.

Publication in a scientific journal is a game with certain rules and, in order to successfully publish in well-known international journals, it is necessary to know and follow these rules. Before you apply for publication, you should look at the archive of this journal for the last couple years; see who publishes, what they write about, how they build articles – after that many questions will disappear by themselves.

Our universities have a lot in common besides names – both are private and both were founded in 1991, and I am very glad that I managed to conduct a seminar at RosNOU as part of the Winter School of Translation. I hope this is not our last joint event, and we will continue to cooperate.

At the end of the course, students who have mastered the program received certificates of the established pattern of advanced training. Articles that have undergone an initial editorial review during the seminar are aimed at blindly reviewing for publication in the journal “English Studies at NBU”.