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RosNOU and Sanskriti University start science and education cooperation


On July 16, 2020, Russian New University (RosNOU) and the Sanskriti University (India) met online to sign a memorandum on cooperation in the field of science and education. The document was signed by the rector of RosNOU Vladimir Zernov and the Chancellor of the Sanskriti University Sachin Gupta. The memorandum demonstrates mutual interest in the development of educational, cultural and scientific programs and events.

The signing of the memorandum was initiated by the Sanskriti University, offering RosNOU cooperation in the field of IT, communication, management, and commerce. Universities will cooperate in cultural and research activities, students and faculty exchange. Among the plans is the development of new educational programs, and the conduction of joint research and engineering projects.

"The first step in the framework of cooperation will be the development of an educational program for students and young programmers from India on the basis of the RosNOU mathematical school. Modern programmers simply need mathematics: knowledge of mathematics draws a clear line between a programmer and a good programmer. And RosNOU is strong in mathematics. It is the reason why the Indian side has chosen our university for cooperation, "- commented Vladimir Zernov after an online meeting.


In turn, the rector of the Sanskriti University Sachin Gupta noted that Russia and India have long been cooperating in the field of science and technology.

“We are pleased to be part of this process, namely through the exchange of experience among teachers, scientists, and young promising professionals. Now it is time for joint research. And when the fight against COVID-19 is over, we will be able to celebrate the results of our work in person. We would be happy to start language training in Russian for students of Sanskriti University and help you develop programs in English," – said Sachin Gupta.