Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

RosNOU hosts “Human Rights Quiz” in online format


On July 15-16, 2020, the Russian New University (RosNOU) held a "Human Rights Quiz" for secondary school and undergraduate students of the Russian Federation. The event was held in an online format. 83 people from 25 regions of Russia have registered to participate in the event.

At the opening of the quiz, participants were greeted by:

• Vladimir Zernov, Rector of RosNOU;

• Mikhail Zyuzkov, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Regional Branch of the Russian Bar Association;

• Alexey Galoganov, President of the Moscow Region Bar Association;

• Sergey Kostin, Executive Director of the Law Institute of RosNOU;

• Alexey Tyrtyshny, Scientific Director of the Law Institute of RosNOU;

• Vyacheslav Klimentov, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Museum of Cosmonautics;

• Elena Ovcharenko, Head of the legal office.


As part of the two-day online quiz, the following took place:

• "Legal Crocodile" game, the participants of which were asked to picture their expectations for the two-day event (trainer – Elena Ovcharenko);

• Training on the development of social intelligence and soft skills (trainer – Head of the Education Committee of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs Oleg Molodtsov);

• "Law and I" online briefings, the participants of which developed their own advocacy events (trainer – Head of the Laboratory of Legal Research of RosNOU Kristina Kass). The best were recognized: according to experts – the project "Citizen Must be Obliged" (author – Elizaveta Aleksandrova), according to the results of the audience voting – the project "I am a Child with Adult Rights" (author – Alina Voblikova);

• "Law and Space" online quest (trainer – Senior Researcher of the Museum of Cosmonautics Dmitry Eremenko);

• "Summer Security" module of the "Young Investigator" program under the auspices of the Educational Work Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (trainers – Natalya Myalina, Specialist of the Law Institute of RosNOU, and Alexander Khryachkov, Information Resources Manager of the "School of Human Rights Defenders" project).

The organizers of the quiz also conducted a rapid response test “Playing the Titles of the Human Rights Quiz”, in which the participants answered questions in four categories: “Law Expert”, “State Expert”, “Personality Expert” and “Society Expert”.

All participants of the "Human Rights Quiz" received personalized certificates.