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RosNOU Master’s Degree Students pass professional practice in Greece


On January 24, 2020, master’s degree students of the Institute for Humanitarian Technologies of the Russian New University (RosNOU) passed a week-long teaching practice based on the Russian Word and Culture Center “Russian Word” (Thessaloniki, Greece). Within the practice, students took part in the event "RW – Access Point to the International Educational Space”. The event was also attended by official representatives of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Thessaloniki – cultural attaché V.O. Artemyev, Secretary of the Consulate General I.I. Pimenov.


The master’s degree students of RosNOU – Denis Belousov, Elvira Yusupova, Maria Kozlova and Ekaterina Kazinova – conducted interactive lessons for students of all levels from A1 to C2 in the Russian Language and Culture Center “Russian Word". They worked under the guidance of the assistant professor of the Russian Language and Publishing Department Anna F. Gershanova.

Director of the Russian Language and Culture Center “Russian Word” Tatyana B. Zhuravleva noted that this is the third time this official initiative of the Russian Word Center and RosNOU allows students to gain unique experience in communicating with students with a completely different worldview, mentality, and lifestyle in their natural environment. Such initiatives also provide an excellent opportunity for Greek-speaking students to work in the same classroom with a teacher who does not speak their native language (in this case, Greek), to learn new things about the country of the language they are studying.

After the official part was completed, the center’s students, RosNOU’s master's degree students and teachers talked informally, got acquainted with the national traditions of Russian cuisine and modern student life.