Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

RosNOU Presentation of the Project “Start up a Russian – Chinese Educational Institution”


On August 29, 2019, the project presentation for the establishment of the Chinese educational institution in Russia “Start up a Russian-Chinese Educational Institution” took place at the Russian New University.

The project was presented by Chan Yat Hin (The Open University of Hong Kong) and Ma Mingze (The Education University of Hong Kong), the participants of the RosNOU internship program (from August 2 to August 31). For three weeks, students analyzed educational systems of China and Russia and developed a plan of cooperation in the field of education between the two countries.

“Educational systems of Russia and China are different,” – Chan Yat Hin noted. “Students studies 9 years in Chinese schools, and the studies take place according to the “3 + X” system. Students are required to study three subjects: Chinese, mathematics and a foreign language. The remaining subjects are studied by choice; it can be humanitarian (political science, history, geography) or natural (physics, chemistry, biology) science. In Russia, both humanitarian and natural sciences are included in the basic curriculum.”


“In China, there are many international internship and training programs in other countries organized by the China Education Association for International Exchange,” – Ma Mingze said. “It can be both summer educational camps and one-year internships in companies. In cooperation with the Association, the establishment of a Chinese educational institution in the Russian Federation is possible.”

The commission of the project included: Vice-Rector for Development Elena Lobanova, Head of the Academic Affairs & Academic Mobility Directorate George Gabrielian, Director of the Center for Asia-Pacific Countries of the RosNOU Natalia Pecheritsa, Head of the Department of Special Defectology Education Oksana Doroshenko and International Project Development Manager Ksenia Masterkova.


After the project presentation, students shared their impressions of the internship.

“I was interested in doing analytic work,” – Chan Yat Hin said. “The education systems in our countries are different; each has its own advantages. We enjoyed working at your university, professors of RosNOU helped us. We walked around Moscow a lot in our free time, now my favorite place is the Izmailovsky market.”

“My field of ​​study is Clinical Psychology,” – Ma Mingze said. “I plan to work in my specialty, so it was very interesting for me to learn about how inclusive education is organized in Russia and China, how children with disabilities are taught in ordinary schools. Skills acquired during the project will be useful to me in the future. As Chan already said, we saw a lot of beautiful places in Moscow, but the Moscow metro delighted me the most.”