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RosNOU Re-enters the Forbes List


On June 27, 2019, Forbes Magazine for the second time published a List of the Best Russian Universities.

The basis of the list was taken from monitoring data on the effectiveness of more than 1000 higher education institutions prepared by the Ministry of Education, as well as biographies of more than 1600 representatives of the Russian elite – members of the Forbes list and their children, heads of private and public companies, officials and deputies. The methodology takes into account the quality of education, statistical data on the employment of graduates, their relevance in the regions, the number of entrepreneurs.

The data of universities are analyzed by ten metrics grouped into three components: the quality of education, the quality of graduates and the Forbes factor, which takes into account the “elitism” of the educational institution and the share of entrepreneurs in the total number of graduates.

Forbes has set itself the task of not only assessing the quality of Russian education, but also finding out which universities graduate professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit who can later join the Forbes list or become part of the Russian political elite.

For the second time in a row, the Russian New University (RosNOU) entered the list of the 100 best universities in Russia according to Forbes, taking 96th place (total score 37.91). NUST "MISiS" headed the Forbes list (54.11 points), MGIMO is in second place, MIPT is in third, MEPI is in fourth, and Moscow State University is in fifth.

According to the indicator “Graduates' Demand”, RosNOU ranked 51st , “Quality of Education” – 90th, “Forbes Factor” – 29th.