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RosNOU Students Have Succeeded in Rosobrnadzor Experiment


On June 19, 2015, the second experiment of Federal Education and Science Supervision Service (Rosobrnadzor) related to independent evaluation of student knowledge was held in Russian New University. The students were examined by the teachers who have never taught them before.

6 universities were involved in the first experiment in January 2015, but the second experiment managed to attract 29 universities.

Three groups from three RosNOU departments were examined during June experiment on the independent evaluation of the educational quality.

Group 613-1, Humanities Department (Journalism Fundamentals)

Group 521-1, Pedagogy and Psychology Department (Developmental Psychology)

Group 311, Business-Technologies in Tourist and Travel Industry Department (Philosophy)

The representatives of Rosobrnadzor supervised the procedure of this experiment. Each auditory was equipped for online broadcasting to Situation Informational Center of Rosobrnadzor, and live stream was available at the University public website.

Exams records and written responses of students will be submitted to the controlling authority for recheck and analysis.

The first practical approval of the procedure for independent evaluation of student knowledge took place on January 22, 2015. The experiment was considered successful, as the scores received by students during the examination and received by students during the experiment result check by Rosobrnadzor experts matched 89%.

RosNOU website editorial staff have briefly interviewed some students just after the exam.

— Everything was fine. For sure, it was not simple, but I succeeded, – Vera Lyskova, the student of Humanities Department, told us. – When I was told that the procedure of the exam would be unusual and it would be in a form of an experiment, I was totally displeased. But now I understand that such experiment is a cool possibility to check one’s knowledge at the levels of both University and Russia, in general. I felt no pressure at all during the exam, even though Rosobrnadzor Committee attendance. There was no fault-finding, the independent expert listened to answers attentively and evaluated them.

— I passed the Philosophy exam and took GOOD mark, – Aleksey Reshetov, student of Business-Technologies in Tourist and Travel Industry Department, told us. – The examination question I took was quite simple, but some issues required the exact answers you should know. To some extent the atmosphere in the exam room resembled Unified State Examination I passed the year before. So nothing was critically new for me: I just came into the room, took a card and took my place to prepare the answers. But I don’t want to have all my exams in the same manner, as it was a very rush work.

— I passed Developmental Psychology exam and took EXCELLENT mark, and I’m very pleased with it, – Vladimir Aleksandrov, the student of Psychology and Pedagogics Department, told us.- The peak moment of my preparation for the exam was the eve night, as it is quite usual for students aiming to pass the exam. The form of the exam presented no stumbling block for me, as I had been prepared for it. You should set yourself for an EXCELLENT mark beforehand as the power of the though is capable to attract good mark.

The result of the experiment: 1 student failed, the best results were in Group 613-1, Humanities Department (two satisfactory marks and the rest marks are GOOD and EXCELLENT).