Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

RosNOU Students Present their Initiatives to the University Administration


On October 21, 2019, a meeting of students with Rector Vladimir A. Zernov and Vice-Rector for Academic Work Grigory A. Shabanov was held at the Russian New University (RosNOU). The meeting was dedicated to student initiatives.

In total, the first seven proposals received were considered:

• Mikhail Golubev and Sergey Lapshin, students of the Institute of Information Systems and Computer Engineering, made a proposal to create the RosNOU E-sports league and to form teams to participate in interuniversity tournaments;

• Ruslan Kipkeev, Valery Grachev and Konstantin Demidov, students of the Law Institute, suggested improving the system of sports competitions at RosNOU; to hold volleyball, football, basketball, and other team sports tournaments, which should involve a large number of students. Their idea is to intensify the participation of national teams of RosNOU in inter-university competitions, as well as to organize meetings with famous athletes;

• Nikita Mizin, student of the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy, chairman of the RosNOU Intellectual Club, spoke about the need to support the participation of RosNOU teams in inter-university intellectual games;

• Valeria Obraztsova, a student at the Institute for Humanitarian Technologies, made a proposal to create a music workshop “The Lamp” at RosNOU for students to study musical notation, to learn to play drums, guitar, and other musical instruments, to create musical compositions;

• Pavel Doronin, a student of the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy spoke about plans to create a musical group that will be able to perform at university events with its own repertoire and cover versions of famous songs;

• Alexandra Lavrinenko, a student at the Institute of Humanitarian Technologies suggested organizing a painting club where students can draw still-lifes and portraits, which could then be shown at exhibitions at RosNOU and other universities;

• Artem Zhukov, a student at the Institute of Information Systems and Computer Engineering, proposed organizing photo studio, where lectures of famous Moscow photographers could be held.




After discussion and students' answers to questions, all proposals were approved by the university administration and redirected to the appropriate departments of the university. Organizational support for the initiatives will be provided by the Department of Youth Affairs, informational and communicational support – by the Department of Information Management.

Student suggestions for discussion at the following management meetings can be sent:

• to the Student Council of RosNOU (Alika Zhordania);

• to the Student Scientific Community (Vadim Malyukov);

• to the Department of Youth Affairs (Natalya V. Butorova);

• to the Information Management Department (Olga Poluektova).