Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

RosNOU students take part in XV Russian Studentship Parade


On 10 September 2016 Victory Park in Moscow witnessed XV Russian Studentship Parade. The event was held as part of the City Day celebrations. Students from 203 Moscow universities, including more than 200 students from the Russian New University (RosNOU), participated in the Parade.


The coordinator of Study Buddy volunteers of the Russian New University Alexandra Kuzmina shared her impressions of the Parade with us:

— It’s the second time I’ve participated in the Studentship Parade. It’s an incredibly merry and joyful event that unites all students.  Festive and loud column of RosNOU students carrying the university banners chanted in unison slogans like “Russian New University is the coolest”, “RosNOU is cool, RosNOU is awesome, the best students are with us” and “The country’s gold reserve from RosNOU is us*. Students who have participated in the Parade in previous years say these slogans get stuck in your head for the whole year and make the event impossible to forget.  

Rectors and Vice-rectors of Moscow universities welcomed the Parade participants from the tribunes. The Russian New University was represented by the Vice-rector for Education Grigory A. Shabanov who congratulated students on the holiday. After the Vow of the Russian Student was taken, the event continued with a concert of popular musicians.


RosNOU students also shared their impressions of the XV Russian Studentship Parade: 

Albert Khanukayev (Department of Humanitarian Technologies, freshman): The Parade was really awesome – I’m still excited and very impressed. I was happy to tear vocal cords for my uni. And we were simply the best!

Yekaterina Khan (Department of Business Technologies, freshman): The Parade was great. All the slogans, caps, T-shirts created a special atmosphere of unity. And the concert was pretty awesome. We were lucky with the weather – we even caught a glimpse of the sun.

Viktoriya Papuga (Department of Humanitarian Technologies, freshman):

I think the Studentship Parade is the best event capable of uniting hundreds of thousands of students from different universities and even from different parts of the whole country taking into account the scale of the event this year. It was the day when in any part of the city you could clearly feel the spirit of studentship – even two hours before the beginning of the Parade the metro and streets were crowded with students.

Having participated in the Parade I understood how cheerful, interesting and united RosNOU community is. I’m sure that we were the loudest and the most tightly-welded group in the whole Parade.

Svetlana Letushova (Jurisprudence Department, freshman): I really enjoyed participating in the Parade. I got plenty of positive emotions. I’m in raptures! Next year I’ll definitely take part in the Parade again.

Valeriya Popova (Department of Humanitarian Technologies, freshman): I really liked the Parade. It’s been a while since I felt so happy and laughed so much. The atmosphere in the column of RosNOU students was very warm and friendly, I’d even say it was a family atmosphere. The fact that not everybody knew each other didn’t prevent us from talking to each other like old friends and taking group photos. When someone began shouting a slogan, the others immediately joined in. Having taken the Vow of the Student we officially joined the studentship and I’m very proud of it. Many thanks to everybody for this wonderful day.   

Valeriya Isayeva (Department of Information Systems and Computer Technologies, sophomore): It's the second time I’ve participated in the Parade. When I was a freshman it was scary as I didn’t really know anyone. I’m not a very good mixer so the Studentship Parade last year was an exciting and unforgettable event for me. I got so many positive emotions! The slogans are so catchy that you can’t help shouting them along with everybody else even if you feel very shy at first. Many thanks to the organizers and the student board of our university.  


The Department of Youth Affairs & Educational Work expresses its gratitude to all RosNOU students who took part in the Parade, to those who ensured RosNOU’s participation in the event and, of course, to Study Buddy volunteers.

* The original slogans in Russian rhyme.