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RosNOU Takes the 4th Place Among the Russian Universities on the Demand for Graduates, Intellectual Products and Scientific Works


On December 12, the Russian Agency of International Information “RIA Novosti” presented the “Ranking of the Demand for High Schools in the Russian Federation 2018”, compiled in the framework of the Social Navigator project of the International Information Agency “Russia Today”.

The ranking research included 444 state, municipal and private universities, which were assessed for the relevance of the three main products of higher education: 1) the proportion of graduates who received a job; 2) the share of funds from the commercialization of intellectual products; 3) scientometric i-index for citation of employees of the organization.

The universities were divided into six groups:

  • classical universities (87 universities);
  • engineering universities (technical universities, 126 universities);
  • agricultural universities (56 universities);
  • universities of management – economics, finance, law (59 universities);
  • humanitarian universities (pedagogical, philological, 68 universities);
  • medical universities (48 universities).

The Russian New University (RosNOU) was declared in the group “Management Universities” and according to the results of the research it was included in the number of four universities that received the status of “leader”:

  • New Economic School;
  • The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration;
  • National Research University Higher School of Economics;
  • Russian New University.

In a similar research of the “Social Navigator” project of the IIA “Russia Today” for 2017, the Russian New University took the 5th place.

Ranking of the demand for universities in the Russian Federation in 2018: universities in the sphere of management (economics, finance, law) on the RIA Novosti website >>