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Russian New University and University of Montenegro to Extend Cooperation in 2016/2017 Academic Year

Univerzitet Crne Gore at RosNOU

On 30 September, 2016 a delegation from the University of Montenegro (Univerzitet Crne Gore) headed by the Vice-rector Prof. dr Predrag Stanišić paid a working visit to the Russian New University (RosNOU).

The Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management prof. dr Đurđica Perović met with the Dean of the Faculty of Business Technologies Dr. Natalia Morozova. The parties summarized results of the first student exchange programme in 2015/2016 academic year and discussed perspectives of further cooperation.         

“This is valuable experience for our students. We are ready to widen the horizons; the next step is academic staff exchange,” – said the Vice-rector of the University of Montenegro Prof. Stanišić at the meeting with his RosNOU counterpart Prof. Grigory Shabanov.

In 2016/2017 academic year RosNOU and University of Montenegro will continue the student exchange programme in the spheres of tourism and hotel industry. More than 20 RosNOU students from the Faculty of Business Technologies have already applied to take part in the programme.Univerzitet Crne Gore at RosNOU

“Only our best students may count on participating in the programme. We ought not to feel ashamed of you as you will defend the honour of the Russian New University,” – RosNOU’s Vice-rector Prof. Grigory Shabanov addressed the applicants for the student exchange programme.

“We have begun learning the second foreign language this academic year. Will we have the opportunity to continue learning it during our studies in Montenegro?” – asked one of RosNOU students at the meeting with the Montenegrin delegation. The students were assured that during their studies at the University of Montenegro they would be able to learn German, French or Italian as the second foreign language.       

During the negotiations, the management of the University of Montenegro expressed interest in the ‘Russian Language in the Sphere of Tourism’ programme. The programme was designed in RosNOU for foreign citizens and it is implemented with Greek partners (the educational centre “Russian Word” in Thessaloniki).   

“RosNOU will provide full support for developing the Russian language programme at the University of Montenegro for students who are going to work in tourism industry. We need to develop it, include it in the general educational cycle and make it more comprehensible for future Montenegrin specialists,” – suggested George Gabrielian, the Director of RosNOU International Affairs & Academic Mobility Directorate.  

This academic year the Russian New University and University of Montenegro will have a joint international conference on tourism development in Russia and Montenegro. This time the conference will be held in Montenegro.

RosNOU expresses gratitude to the Chairman of the Association of Soviet and Russian University Graduates in Montenegro Petar Paiković, PhD for assistance in organizing the student exchange programme and providing useful information which helped our students during their stay in Montenegro.

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