Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Scientific and Technological achievements

RosNOU's Scientific and Innovation Division is responsible for a number of inventions in nanotechnology, power engineering, healthcare and mathematics. Our scholars invented and developed:

  • A method of DNA introduction into vegetable and animal cells by means of carbonic nanotubes
  • Sizing compositions containing nanotubes that add to sizing capacity; the compositions may be used to size Teflon
  • Production of technology concerning nanotubes containing fibers for industrial needs (e.g. military production, tyre production, etc.)
  • Composition of nanomembranes, catalysts, nanometers, nanosensors, bio- and chemical meters used to purify liquid and gas media
  • Production of technology regarding wind energy panels. Part of the energy consumed by RosNOU is produced by its own wind energy plant.
  • Unique apparatus called “Cardiocode”, which predicts myocardial infarction half a year ahead of its actual strike and predicts stroke two months ahead.
  • The university corporate information system “Vector” and the e-education system for the university's branches.
  • Methods of estimating and forecasting geo-ecological catastrophes (e.g. earthquakes, landslides, etc.).
  • The intellectual security server and the technology of video image transmission with unstable communication channels. 
  • Discovery laws concerning the configuration of prime numbers, which before remained unsolved since ancient times.