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Seven Countries Tested Russian Language Distance Learning

On May 27, 2015, RosNOU launched the international Internet conference to summarize the testing of distance learning control module for the Russian language studying in foreign countries. The test was initiated by Humanitarian Technologies Faculty of Russian New University (RosNOU) on April 08, 2015. This activity was implemented within Development and Tests Methodology of Global System for Application of Special Remote Technologies for Teaching of the Russian Language Abroad project by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Countries located at various distances from Russian, and countries with native languages significantly varying from Russian in terms of writing, were selected to test this module. They are Iran, Greece, Slovakia, Serbia, Germany, South Korea and Romania.

As Olga Yu. Ivanova, the Dean of Humanitarian Technologies Faculty, said, the organizers tried to expand the potential audience for the distance learning during students’ shortlisting.

Online session of the Internet conference was scheduled for the beginning of June 2015.