Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Student Scientific Societies of RosNOU and OINPE meet in RosNOU


On October 22, 2019, a meeting of the Student Scientific Society (SSS) of RosNOU and SSS of the Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering (OINPE) took place at the Russian New University (RosNOU).

The meeting was attended by the chairman of the student scientific society of the Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering Ruslan Vnukov and one of the organizers of the OINPE Scientific Tournament Julia Gudakova.

Ruslan presented a program of preparation for junior students to start research activities. Also, he shared the results of SSS OINPE activities.

Julia spoke about the most respected scientific conferences and tournaments held for students of technical and natural sciences in Russia, including the Scientific Tournament organized by OINPE.

“Our student scientific society is young enough. It exists for a year and a half,” – said Ruslan. “We recently started and are now actively developing therapeutic and surgical science clubs at the OINPE Medical School. In these clubs, students gain practical experience, analyze in detail the areas of medicine that interest them. We pay great attention to the scientific and publishing activities of our students. We have curators who help freshmen choose the direction of research; identify key points that they will study. We participate in scientific conferences that take place in the main building of OINPE and in other universities, for example, in the Federal Student Tournament of Three Sciences. Now we are actively engaged in our scientific tournament, attracting teams of universities in the Kaluga region and other regions.”


“The OINPE Science Tournament is an intellectual competition in which students present their solutions to problems and defend them in a discussion format,” – said Julia. “Tasks are published in advance on the event website; they are devoted to problems in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biology. All tasks do not have obvious solutions. Teams of universities consisting of 3 to 6 people can take part in the tournament. Teams compete in scientific battles, where each team acts as a speaker, opponent or reviewer. Also, depending on the number of teams, the observer role may be added. The format of the tournament allows us to develop analytical thinking, increase the level of knowledge in the natural sciences and work out the skills of public speaking and discussion.”

Following the meeting, SSS leaders agreed on the participation of SSS of RosNOU in the OINPE Spring Scientific Tournament, as well as on the creation of a Scientific Tournament in Social and Humanitarian Sciences in RosNOU.