Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Students from Macau: “It is better to see once than hear a hundred times”


On 21 July 2017, the Graduation ceremony of students from Macau was held at Russian New University(RosNOU)

A group of students from Macau visited RosNOU as a part of a cultural and educational program conducted within the frames of an agreement with the University of Macau on short-term educational programs.

This year the educational program was carried out in cooperation with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The students visited the institute's laboratories and listened to a series of lectures. The introductory course of the Russian language was conducted by the head of RosNOU Chair of the Russian language and Publishing Marina Y. Antropova. Lectures on international relations were delivered by the head of RosNOU International Affairs & Academic Mobility Directorate George A. Gabrielian.

The main objective of the program is expansion of cultural ties between Russia and China ­— said George Gabrielian. — We try to constantly expand our international relations, contact the world's leading universities, and the University of Macau is among leading educational institutions in Asia. Our cooperation is limited to student exchanges at the moment, but soon we’re planning to sign an expanded package of agreements that will also cover educational programs. People come to us within the frames of the exchange program to study disciplines which concern Russian history, its culture and political structure. The idea of such a kind of school is supported by several consulates of Russia in China (Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau).
The program is very diverse: in the first half of the day the students have lectures and in the second half of the day they are engaged in a cultural program. RosNOU students accompany Chinese students during all events. This is an excellent opportunity to communicate with native speakers.


Some students from Macau University (Kee Lin Yan, Vicky Liv, Chen Zi Hong Zon Chen) shared their impressions of Russia.  

Why did you decide to visit Russia?

Kee Lin Yan: Last year my friend came to this summer school which was organized by RosNOU in cooperation with the University of Macau. She shared her thoughts and advised me to come here too.

Vicky Liv: I came from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region which borders Russia. That was the main reason why I wanted to visit Russia.

Chen Zi Hong Zon Chen: I saw lots of beautiful photos and videos about Russia. I think it's a nice place to come and see everything with your own eyes.

What is the best thing about Russia for you?

Vicky Liv: I really like the design of buildings here. They are absolutely different from my home district architecture in China.

Kee Lin Yan: People in the subway and streets look gloomy but in fact, if you ask them for help, they will give it to you.

Chen Zi Hong Zon Chen: I liked the guys from RosNOU. And it was also interesting to understand the culture of Russia, to learn about the way of thinking, because the attitude of Russians and Chinese people towards life is completely different. It was the most interesting experience that I got here.

And what is the strangest thing about Russia?

Kee Lin Yan: Communal compartments in trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Chen Zi Hong Zon Chen: The weather – it may be hot and sunny, and in ten minutes it starts to downpour.

Vicky Liv: It was the «Virgin Stone» in Kolomenskoe park.

What was the most important thing you learned during the lectures?

Vicky Liv: It was a lecture about the history and stereotypes about Russia.

Chen Zi Hong Zon Chen: I agree. I also remember the lecture about stereotypes. I also liked the story about the nationalities of Russia.

Kee Lin Yan: For me it was the lesson of the Russian language. We taught the alphabet, basic words and even sang a song in Russian.

Did you also have stereotypes about Russia before?

Vicky Liv: I thought that all Russians always drink alcohol. And when I arrived, I realized that this is not quite true.

Chen Zi Hong Zon Chen: I watched a video on YouTube where a Russian man fought with a bear near the highway so I thought that bears walk in the areas close to forests and parks here. Honestly, I didn't expect to see a huge bear but I thought I could see a smaller one.

Kee Lin Yan: We faced some difficulties in the consulate while processing an application form for a Russian visa. At that moment, it seemed to me that all Russians were very harsh with other people.

How are you going to use the knowledge you got?

Vicky Liv: There are a lot of stereotypes about Russians in my native town, and now I can tell my friends what people Russians really are.

Chen Zi Hong Zon Chen: There are some Chinese proverbs such as "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times" and "It's better to go to one country than read a thousand pages about all the countries." So, it would be better to go to a country of interest and get your own experience there. I am very glad that all the myths about Russia have disappeared for me, so now I can also tell other people the truth.

Kee Lin Yan: I've never travelled before. It seems to me that this program helped me to better understand the Russian society and other people in general.

What was the most memorable thing during your excursions?

Vicky Liv: It was the State Historical Museum on the Red Square, because there are so many things from almost every historical era. Also the Hermitage caught my eye with its huge halls. I have no words to describe my impression of the museum.

Chen Zi Hong Zon Chen: I was also impressed by "Hermitage". Other palaces look so plain compared to it. Two hours that we were there wasn't enough.    

Kee Lin Yan: I also liked it. The paintings and interiors of the halls really got my attention. So I totally agree that two hours is not enough. We walked through the building and there was no end or beginning.

Would you like to come to Russia again?

Kee Lin Yan: Sure!

Chen Zi Hong Zon Chen: I will return to Russia again on an eight-day Beijing-Moscow train to see other cities during the stops.

Vicky Liv: I also will come and take my parents with me. Our district borders Russia, so it would be a nice idea to go to some city near the border together.