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Students of RosNOU’s Branch in Yelets Take 3rd Place in WorldSkills Russia Regional Championship


On November 29, 2019, Lipetsk State Technical University held the closing ceremony of IV Open Regional Championship “Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)". 340 people from Lipetsk, Voronezh, Moscow, Kurgan, Rostov, and Kemerovo regions as well as from the Komi Republic took part in the championship.

Participants competed in 49 categories.

RosNOU’s branch in Yelets was represented at the championship by two student teams that competed in the category "Entrepreneurship".

The team of Artem Kondrashin and Ekaterina Ulmasova developed the business plan "Anticafe BEST" and took the 3rd place in the main age group. The team of Elizaveta Susedko and Maria Samsonova developed a business plan for the online service called "MARYPOPPINS" to search for domestic workers and they also took the 3rd place in the junior age group.

“The main task at the championship was to draw up a business plan for your business,” — said the Director of the Yelets branch Yevgeny Belyaev. “This task was evaluated in several modules (for example, the module "marketing"). In each module, there were about two dozen indicators. Both the presence of the indicator and the quality of its presentation were evaluated. In addition to the main task, there were other tasks. One of them was devoted to the Internet of things, the students had to consider the main trends in this area, and then figure out how to sell the lamp costing 130,000 rubles.

I like the idea of this championship, it is important for students. They can compare themselves and the level of their competencies with the level of other students, understand what they need to learn better, what skills they need to acquire. One needs to read a lot and prepare well because the tasks are evaluated very thoroughly. But all this gives students the opportunity to develop.

We also plan to hold our own local championship in the Yelets branch and make the branch a platform for demonstration exams. The demonstration exams are held in the format of defence of business projects. We hope that this format will be able to replace exams when students pull out random exam cards.”