Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

Sun Yat-sen University Delegation in RosNOU


_DSC2061-Edit_150616[1]On June 16, 2015 a large delegation from a partner-university, Sun Yat-sen University, SYSU, Guangzhou (People's Republic of China), visited Russian New University*. The Chinese delegation was headed by Guangmei Yan, the President of Sun Yat-sen University; the other members of the delegation were Wenhua Ling, the Head of International Cooperation and Student Exchange Department, Yuantao Hao, the Dean of Public Health School, Guoquan Gao, the Vice-Dean of Medicine School, and Zhiying Huang, the Coordinator of International Cooperation and Student Exchange.

— We know Russia quite well: we have an idea of its history, culture, scientific researches, but the objective of our visit is to observe everything we are aware of in theory, – Professor Guangmei Yan said. — Of course, the maintenance of the contact with our old partners, regardless management changes and staff turnover, is also important for us (Luo Jun has been appointed as SYSU President in 2015) — editor's note). We have 150 co-projects related to international educational programs with universities all over the world, including the two-diploma programs from Bachelor to Doctoral, and student/teacher exchange programs. The exchange programs are of great importance for us! And our trip to Russia is intended to establish new contacts and confirm the existing ones concerning the leading Russian universities, and so that made it impossible to leave RosNOU out.

— RosNOU and Sun Yat-sen University are actively involved in for students and teachers exchange programs implementation, — stated Mr. Gabrielyan, the Head of International Educational Cooperation Department. — Since 2008, over 150 trainees from both parties have taken training programs in Russia and China. The relations between our universities become stronger and stronger. We are planning to launch joint Master's program, exchange of professors-lecturers from the universities by means of remote academic technologies and it will help to attract the attention of advanced youth. Due to active work of International Cooperation Department personnel and RosNOU Humanities Dean’s Office, approximately 80 students of RosNOU study the Chinese language as the first one. And if to look at SYSU, the number of students studying Russian as the first language is twice as large. We have done a lot, but there is still a great deal of projects related to cooperation with Chinese universities!

The SYSU delegation met Vladimir Zernov, the President of Russian New University, who granted SYSU student the III rank diploma in Russian Language Competition.

Besides, the Chinese delegation visited RosNOU Medical Center and Humanitarian Technologies Faculty where Marina Antropova, the Head of Russian Language and Publishing Industry Department, gave the outline of the activities with trainees from Sun Yat-sen University.

During the meeting with the RosNOU President it was announced that at the beginning of 2015-2016 academic year the students of Chinese universities will arrange for Russian students a 10-days Moscow school of Chinese traditional culture. The event will be assisted by SYSU and RosNOU and financially supported by Guangdong province Department of Education.

* Sun Yat-sen University is ranked 7 in National Rating of People's Republic of China; 21 in QS BRICS; 24 in Times Higher Education (THE) BRICS; 42 in THE Asian; 48 in QS Asian; 301-350 (group) in THE World; and 321 in QS World.