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The Institute of Humanitarian Technologies wins the Decisive Game of the RosNOU Intellectual Triathlon


On May 23, 2019, the final event of the academic year of the Student Scientific Society (SSS) of the RosNOU— “SSS: Endgame” was held at the Russian New University (RosNOU).

The event hosted the awarding ceremony for the laureates of the “Scientific Approach” competition, which was held by the Provost of RosNOU for Scientific Work, Evgeny A. Palkin.


The winners are:

• Tatiana Cadolo, a 1st year master’s student at the Institute of Humanitarian Technologies; Student’s scientific research project (SSRJ) “Russian Vocabulary with the Meaning of Cooking: the Scope of the Thematic Group, Perspectives of Research”;

• Nikita Mizin, 3rd year bachelor’s student at the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy; SSRJ "Study of the Functional State of First-year Students in the Learning Process Using "Cardiocode " and I-Tracker";

• Andrei  Egorov, 2nd year master’s student at the Institute of Economics, Management and Finance; SSRJ “Transformation of the Shadow Economy of Russia in the Conditions of the Development of Digital Technologies”.


Finalist’s diplomas awarded to:

• Nadezhda Popchenko, 3rd year bachelor’s student of the Tax Institute; SSRJ “Taxation of the Self-employed Population in the Russian Economy: the Order of Calculation and Administration”;

• Alisa Babiy, 2nd year research degree student at the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy; SSRJ "The Resilience of Individuals with Different Strategies for Self-assertion."

After the award ceremony was completed, Igor E. Mytko, the Head of the Information Management Department, conducted the decisive game of the Intellectual Triathlon.

The intellectual game was held in the combined on-site / distance format.

The team of RosNOU teachers took part in the game for the first time: Elena Y. Chilingir, Svetlana E. Vorobyova, Sergey N. Reshetnikov.


In the 2018/19 season, the Intellectual games were held in two stages:

Stage 1

"What? Where? When? ” (October 2, 2018);

Stage 2

"Intellectual Triathlon" – intellectual games for freshmen (October 31, 2018);

"Brain-ring" for freshmen (November 13, 2018);

Intellectual games in the framework of the "Day of Science Lovers" (February 14, 2019);

“Space Game” (April 13, 2019).


Results of the decisive game:

1st place – the team "Cats" (Institute of Humanitarian Technologies);

2nd place – the team "Legends" (College of RosNOU);

3rd place – a team of RosNOU professors;

4th place – the team "Brainers" (Intellectual Club "Chocolate");

5th place – the team "Serious People" (Tax Institute);

6th place – the team "Wise Owls" (Tambov branch of RosNOU);

7th place – “The King of IQ” (Institute of Business Technologies).


The teams of the head university brought points to the Rector's Cup to their training departments:

Institute of Humanitarian Technologies – 12 points;

College of RosNOU – 9 points;

Tax Institute – 5 points;

Institute of Business Technologies – 3 points.

According to the results of the game, the winner of the Rector’s Cup was defined – the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy.


The results of the Rector's Cup:

1st place – Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy (123.25 points)

2nd place – Institute of Information Systems and Computer Engineering Technologies (118.25 points)

3rd place – Law Institute (117.25 points)

4th place – Institute of Humanitarian Technologies (113 points)

5th place – Institute of Economics, Management and Finance (94 points)

6th place – Institute of Business Technology (92.5 points)

7 place – College of RosNOU (90.5 points)

8th place – Tax Institute (54.25)

Congratulations to the winners and awardees, see you next season!