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The Second Place in the Tourism Olympiad goes to RosNOU College Team


On April 8–9, 2019, the final internal stage of the All-Russian Students Olympiad in the “Tourism” field of study (secondary vocational education, 43.03.02) was held at the Russian State University of Tourism and Service.

The Olympiad objectives were to improve the basic training of students, consolidate and deepen knowledge, skills in the selected field of education, stimulate creative growth and increase of students' interest in their study field, increase competencies in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education.

At the final stage of the Olympiad, the Russian New University (RosNOU) was presented by the team of 3rd-year students of RosNOU College – Ekaterina Afonkina, Yulia Pashkova, and Alyona Rudakova. The team tutors were college teachers Svetlana A. Novikova and Ksenia A. Ilyina.

The Director of the College RosNOU Irina Y. Zamula explains the results of the Olympiad.

“The Olympiad consisted of two stages. The qualifying stage was the “Homework” contest, held in the correspondence format. According to the results of this competition the jury selected teams that received an invitation to the All-Russian Students Olympiad.

The RosNOU College team presented the video “Welcome to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug!” with an invitation to visit the region for the purpose of tourism.

Then for two days our students showed their knowledge in various competitions and competed with 12 teams from different cities of Russia. On the first day, the competitors wrote a test, which was taken into account in the individual standings. They played the “Own game”, where students answered speed questions from different areas of tourism.

On the second day, the participants' ability to solve practical problems was tested. Students compiled a regional development program and solved cases. According to the results of the final stage, the students of RosNOU College took the second place in the team competition. Congratulations to students and their tutors! We wish them new victories and achievements!”