Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

“We didn’t choose the Russian language, the Russian language chose us”


On June 28, 2019, exchange students from Chinese universities received diplomas of the Russian New University (RosNOU). 10 students from Zhejiang International Studies University and 5 students from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies finished their RosNOU training. All students study at their universities in the third year in the direction of "Linguistics". Following the results of training at RosNOU, they successfully passed exams for the level of proficiency in Russian, as well as in social studies and other subjects that they studied during the year of internship.

The event was opened by the Head of the RosNOU International Affairs & Academic Mobility Directorate George A. Gabrielian.

“Presentation of diplomas is always a bit sad event. Next time we will see you in China or in Russia, when you already get a good job. I sincerely wish you to find yourself in your future profession. If you want to come to Russia – we will always be glad to see you.”

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Russian Language and Publishing at the Institute of Humanitarian Technologies RosNOU Roza H. Anopochkina also congratulated the students:

“All of you have passed this long, difficult and interesting way in our university and our country. I remember well: when I asked you why you chose Russian, you answered me: "We didn’t choose the Russian language, the Russian language chose us."

You actively participated in the life of our university: you performed, sang, even participated in the “Total Dictation” within the walls of RosNOU. You have visited different Russian cities. Many students in your country dream of seeing what you saw.”


“We had many groups, but you are special,” said Olga Y. Ivanova, scientific director of the Institute of Humanitarian Technologies at RosNOU. – You are not just partners of our country and university, now you have become our reliable friends!

Head of the Russian Language and Publishing Department Anna F. Gershanova noted:

"I caught myself thinking that you are students of another country, but at the same time you do not just speak Russian perfectly – you are subtle romantics, you feel the Russian language."

George A. Gabrielian handed RosNOU diplomas to students. When awarding each Chinese student called him/her a Russian name, which he/she chose at the beginning of training.

In response, Chinese students spoke in Russian.

“We are very lucky that we had a teacher like you, Rosa H. Anopochkina,” said the headman of the group Mei Zijun (the chosen Russian name is Aurora). – You have become our Russian mother. You will forever remain in our heart. We are happy that we spent this year at the Russian New University together with such wonderful teachers."

At the end of the event, the students sang two songs of their favorite singer Vitas, and Rosa H. Anopochkina, Anna F. Gershanova and George A. Gabrielian, in turn, sang the song “We Wish You Happiness.”

“We will always remember how you studied, how you sat at our desks, how you made progress in your studies,” concluded Roza H. Anopochkina. – We will remember you, our students. I wish you enjoy every day, every event in your life!”