Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

“We like RosNOU so much: we don’t even want to leave!”


On March 23, 2019, in the Russian New University (RosNOU) held an Open Day.

Before the event, students of RosNOU gave a tour of the university for visitors. The excursion ended on the seventh floor, where guests could talk with representatives of the institutes and ask questions to the consultants of the information center for applicants.


Then, in the Malachite Hall of RosNOU, a presentation of the training course “Service” (Institute of Business Technologies) took place – students gave a master class on “Organizing an Event as a Service”.

The general meeting of applicants was opened by the Head of the Student Scientific Society of RosNOU, Daria Rozhkova, who made a presentation of the university, spoke about the levels of higher education and the stages of the admission process.

Academic Vice-Rector of RosNOu Grigory A. Shabanov explained the details of the innovations in admission in 2019 and the targeted recruitment. From this year, applicants have the opportunity to enroll in targeted training in two forms:

  • On the basis of trilateral agreements concluded between the university, the applicant and the organization;
  • According to the target quota within the target admission (budget places).


After the general meeting, the applicants attended the Institute meetings, where the directors of the institutes and professors told them about the educational process, practice, and internships.

On March 23, special presentations by heads of university departments, professors, graduates and employers were held for the following areas:

• “Special (defectological) education” (Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy);

• “State and Municipal Direction” (Institute of Economics, Management and Finance);

• “Operations in Logistics”, “Economics and Accounting” (College RosNOU);

• “Service” (Institute of Business Technologies).

“We visited RosNOU for the first time,” – Maria, an applicant’s mother, said. – We learned about your university from the mailing list from My daughter wants to enroll to the "Management" program. I frequently hear from students that they don’t like studying at the universities where they enrolled. Someone doesn’t like the professors, the process of studying, or the atmosphere of the university. It happens that you come to the university for an open day, and immediately want to leave. I don’t have that kind of feeling at your university. I was pleased to hear that there is an active student life in RosNOU: Club of the Funny and Inventive, vocal and theater studios, various contests and even the sports sections. We visited the university’s café – food was tasty, of the high quality. There are high scores for the admission on the budget; it means that the smart applicants come to RosNOU to learn.”

“My daughter wants to enroll in “Information Systems and Computer-Engineering Technologies”,” said the applicant’s mother, Tatyana. – “We liked the presentation of the training direction; the representative of the institute told in detail about everything. Impressions were the most positive. We enjoyed the attitude of professors in RosNOU.

“My daughter wants to enroll in the program of “Psychology and Pedagogy”. She is preparing to pass an exam in biology,” – said the applicant’s mother Olga. – My daughter is already tired of school, teachers, classmates, of this entire oppressive atmosphere. I hope very much that at the university she will find friends and will be happy to attend classes. We like RosNOU so much; we don't even want to leave!”