Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia



Greek students from the Russian language and culture learning center "Russian Word" (Thessaloniki, Greece) took classes of the Russian language on July 20, 2017 at the Russian New University (RosNOU).

The head of RosNOU Chair of the Russian Language and Publishing Marina Y. Anthropova and the Chair's associate professor Anna F. Gershanov gave classes of the Russian language to the students from Greece. Classes were organized in the framework of the agreement on cooperation between RosNOU and the Language center "Russian Word".


Director of the "Russian Word" Tatyana Zhuravlyova told about development of their cooperation with RosNOU.

Interest in the Russian language and culture is growing in Greece. Especially people who are engaged in such spheres as tourism and jurisprudence are eager to learn Russian. The students of our Language center participate in RosNOU summer school for the third year in a row and every year more and more people want to take part in this event. We have been working with RosNOU for many years and we’re planning to develop this cooperation. I would like to see such events take place not only in the summer, but also in the winter. And that would be great if RosNOU students have the opportunity to come to us in the framework of educational programs.

Olga Papadopoulou, Julia Butziona and Markella Chazaki (Students of the Language Center) shared their impression of the visit to Russia.

How long have you been studying Russian?

Olga: I've been studying Russian for a year really hard. But my mother was born in Russia, in a small town near Barnaul, so I am familiar with Russian very well.

Julia: Three years.

Markella: Also three years.

Why did you decide to learn Russian? In what sphere are you going to apply the acquired knowledge?

Markella: I’m studying at university at the Faculty of Journalism and Media, my major is "Public Relations". I thinkthe  knowledge of Russian will be very useful to me in my future work. In addition, I'm planning to do a Master program at one of Russian universities next year.

Olga: I’m employed in the manufacturing industry, we have lots of Russian clients and colleagues. So knowledge of the Russian language is useful to me. As I said earlier, I am very interested in this language, because it is the first language of my mother.

Julia: I’m planning to work in the tourism sector. A lot of Russian tourists come to Greece every year, so in my work this knowledge will be very useful too.

What has been the brightest memory or surprise during your stay in Russia?

Julia: The Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Especially, its interior and huge golden dome.

Markella: The Bolshoi Theater.

What is the main difference between Russia and Greece?

Markella: Before the trip to Russia, I thought that the Russians never smile. But this is not true. In fact, they are just more focused and restrained.

Olga: That’s true, they are very serious and focused on their work.

Name three things which immediately caught your eye.

Julia: Clean streets.

Markella: People don’t eat or drink coffee while walking.

Olga: They also don’t smoke in public places.

Did you like the language lesson at the university?

Markella: Sure, especially the fact that the whole lesson was in Russian. Our classes in Greece were half in Russian, half in Greek.

Olga: Yes, I liked it. We played the dialogues: someone played the role of a tourist who asked questions and the other one answered him. Such kind of dialogues took place in different situations and places: in the theater, in the street, in a travel agency.

Would you like to come back to Russia?

Olga: Yes.

Markella: I'm planning to enter a Russian university next year.

Julia: Of course, but only in the summer! When I arrived here, i felt like i was in a fairytale or among theatrical scenery.


Interviewed by Dariya Rozhkova