Russian New University, 105005, Radio str. 22, Moscow, Russia

«You will get Answers to help you to grow»


On September 2, 2019, the celebration of the Freshmen Day was held at the Russian New University (RosNOU).

This year, 950 people were enrolled in the first year of the full-time educational programs. The Institutes of RosNOU were divided into three groups to make all students fit in the Malachite Celebration Hall:

•  the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy and the College of RosNOU were included in the first group;

•  the Institute of Information Systems and Computer Engineering, the Institute of Economics, Management and Finance and the Tax Institute were included in the second one;

•  the Institute of Business Technologies, the Institute for Humanitarian Technologies and the Law Institute were included in the third group.

In front of the university’s main entrance, RosNOU students Nikita Seleznev and Valentina Loginova welcomed each group with music, contests, tasks, and dances. The curators helped newcomers to register and navigate the university. All the first-year students received freshman gift bags, bracelets with the color of their institute and flyers for a portion of one of the 12 flavors of the “Glacio” Belgian ice cream.

Before the solemn part, freshmen participated in an online survey on methods of a suitable specialty selection and the decisive factors of a university choosing. As the main factor, students determined the “Affordable Tuition”. Other important factors were picked by students: “High quality of teaching / good professors”, the availability of state-funded places, interesting student life, and the convenient location of the Russian New University.


The celebration was opened by the Royal Attack drummers team.

The host of the ceremony, a graduate of RosNOU, Head of the Department of Advertising and Marketing of the university Natalya Andriyanova addressed the freshmen:

“The Russian New University is one of the most powerful non-governmental educational institutions in Russia. Over the past few years, the university entered the top-100 Russian universities according to the version of the RAEX rating agency, the QS international agency, and even Forbes magazine ranking. Each year the Russian New University is recognized as an effective university according to the results of ministerial monitoring, highly rated by employers. RosNOU is constantly evolving, and we hope that your student years will become one of the brightest times in your life.”

The vocal studio of RosNOU performed the Gaudeamus students’ anthem, after which the rector Vladimir Zernov spoke:

“We are now in the famous Malachite Hall, where meetings of Soviet engineers were held during the war years. In this building, there were design bureaus in which Korolev, Tupolev and other prominent figures of that time worked. You should study well and be worthy of those people who performed real miracles in this place.

For many years, the face of our university was an outstanding thinker, one of the intellectual leaders not only of our country but of humanity – Sergey P. Kapitsa. I have known him for many decades and have always been amazed at how stubbornly he comprehended the new things. This is my main wish for you: never stop, always strive to get something new, learn and acquire new knowledge. If a person ceases to study, he ceases to be different from other creatures.

Go ahead. If you do not set yourself serious and difficult tasks, you will never achieve what you could be proud of. Do not be afraid to ask questions. You will not always receive answers that you would like to hear, but you will receive answers that will help you grow.”

In the first part of the celebration, the vocal studio performed the song "RosNOU is always there." Together with them, curators with RosNOU flags in their hands appeared on the stage. The Coconut Event Band performed for students. The musicians sang cover versions of famous songs, performed interactively, and arranged a dance flash mob.

After the concert, a meeting of institutes took place, where freshmen received their test books, student ID cards, and electronic passes.


“I immediately realized that it would not be boring at RosNOU!” – Diana Budzinskaya (Institute of Business Technologies, “Advertising and Public Relations”) shared her impressions. “It was a very cool decision to correlate each institution with a certain color! I felt comfortable next to the curators and other students – this is what you need for freshmen students. The gala-concert was very cool! Thank you very much for the presents: the freshman’s book is colorful, interesting to read. And of course, the ice cream was delicious :) Thanks again a lot, you are cool!”

“The day began quite cheerfully,” – said Nadezhda Kim (Institute of Information Systems and Computer Engineering, “Information Systems and Technologies”). “We tried to get to the university by the minibus from the hostel, but there were no free spaces, so we called a taxi. We were greeted by funny curators and presented with cool gifts. It was a pleasure! Naturally, everyone was waiting for ice cream, so needed on this hot day. And the most incendiary of the whole day was a cover band Coconut. Well done, guys! Well, I didn’t stand aside, danced, and even sang a little. That is how I wanted to spend my first day at this wonderful university!”


“Honestly, I couldn’t even think that it would be so much fun,” – said Elida Bikiteeva (Law Institute, Jurisprudence). “From the very beginning, every freshman was welcomed by cool gifts, modern music, and joyful curators. Then there was a grand concert, held in the Malachite Hall, where the rector of the university performed, and after that – the youth cover band “Cocos”. We sang and danced. Regardless of the different directions of preparation, we were together as one friendly family! After the ceremonial part, we went to a meeting where we were told about the institute, the teaching staff, the possibilities of this field of education and other interesting points. All freshmen were satisfied and went back home with a good mood and willingness to immerse themselves in learning activities to the maximum. Many thanks to the organizers for such a holiday! It will forever remain in the heart of every RosNOU freshman!”